Meet the Hygienists


Rose has been a dental hygienist for 25 years. Born and raised in New York City, life was always good. After graduating from dental hygiene school from Cuny N.Y.C Technical College in Brooklyn, she met and married her husband Vinnie. They have two children, Kristen and John. Vinnie, who works for the United States Postal Service, came up with the marvelous idea to move to Florida. “FUHGEDABOUDIT!!”, was all she said. Low and behold, 15 years later, here she is! Talk about culture shock! One day she was introduced to a very boisterous dentist where she would be working a few days a week. Not 20 minutes passed before she punched him. That’s right! The rest is history. The staff is a family and Doc is still getting punched. We are like peas and carrots. It dozen’t get any better than that! And on that note, we need to “keep eatin’!”

Rhonda was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. She knew at age 3 she loved the dental field at her first dental visit. Ms. Wilson went on to graduate with her Associates in Dental Hygiene from Harper College in Palatine, Illinois in 1999. She came back to Florida and received her Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene from St. Petersburg College in 2011. Teaching became a second passion for her, so in 2012 she began her part-time career as an Adjunct Clinical Dental Hygiene Instructor at SPC. Now that she has been a Clinical Dental Hygienist for over 17 years and is teaching part-time, she has also decided to take on another challenge, a Master’s degree in Education. Rhonda is married and a hockey mom to her teenage son, Quin. In her spare time, she enjoys photography.